Olderwomenvideos.com has been combined into a brand new AuntJudys.com, with a new design, tons of daily updates and a cool new interface. OlderWomenVideos.com is now offline as its contents are now in AuntJudys.com. All the mature videos from OlderWomenVideos.com are now available in AuntJudys.com in multiple quality levels, and even new HD formats.

We have made your current login work at AuntJudys.com so you can see the videos

As long as you keep your OlderWomenVideos.com subscription active, you get AuntJudys.com for $12.95 even though the current price is $29.99. If you cancel and rejoin, you will only be able to join at the higher price, so you get a deal by staying!

Thank you for your patience, and we're sure you will love the new quality and daily updates.